Environmental Quality Management Co. Ltd


About us

Environmental Quality Management Co. Ltd (EQM) is a professional service company specializing Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA). Our workforce consists of experienced, professional and dedicated experts with over 14years progressive responsibility in environment programs and public health care in governmental and non-governmental organisations. Furthermore, we have been carrying out the (ESHIA) projects as the pioneer group since 2009 in Myanmar. EQM is focused on commitment and was established through a partnership approach with our national and international clients.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment Consultants
  • Environmental Toxicologists
  • Air Quality Experts
  • Water Quality Experts
  • Industrial Abatement Experts
  • Soil Specialists
  • Biodiversity Specialists
  • Chemists


  • Social Scientists/Public Health Experts
  • Well trained and experienced socio- eco survey team


  • Health Impact and Risk Assessment Experts
  • Medical Doctors
  • Industrial Hygienists

Background Knowledge of EQM Consultants obtained from the International Universities

  • Environmental Toxicology, Technology and Management
  • Environment Impact (EIA) & Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Integrated Life Science
  • Environmental Chemistry and Laboratory
  • Sampling Design
  • Health, Development and Environment
  • Principle of Toxicology,
  • Advances in Environmental Health Sciences
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Environmental Immuno and Reproductive Toxicology
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Quality Management
  • Industrial Waste Abatement Management
  • Applied Microbiology and Laboratory
  • Detection of Environmental Pollution